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The Phoebe Guidelines is 42 page Indesign brand/design guidelines template. Agencies will use brand guidelines to show their clients how to implement their new brand. The Phoebe Guidelines cover all aspects of design including logo, color, type, web, print, values and imagery. Pages can be deleted or moved around and like all of our templates everything is fully editable. If you have been asked to design a logo and want to add value to the project, providing an accompanying set of brand guidelines is the way to do it. Use the Phoebe template, replace the content with your own and either send it to print (set up to print with blurb) or save it as a pdf for the client. The Phoebe Guidelines includes ready to print files compatible with which means you can get your work professionally printed, bound and delivered to your door.


The preview images are shown in pink, however changing the colors is very simple using the color palette (instructions in the included help file).



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